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To book Terry Irving, any of the other Ronin Robot Authors or just to learn more about our company, , please contact Terry at: 

Tel: 1 240 210 3336


  If you have a manuscript you would like considered by Ronin Robot Press, please send us an email first with a short description. We will contact you if we are interested. 

  We almost always publish in Amazon Kindle format and offer an advance consisting of a professional developmental edit, a professional copy edit, and a professional original cover. For this consideration, we split the royalties with the author on a negotiated basis. . If we think a book is exceptional, we will consider issuing it in paperback as well but the costs of paperback production would be a negotiated advance as well. 


 We strongly advise authors to contact Nick Wale at and discuss his PR services since they can make a difference in the amount of sales and thus in the size of the royalties. 

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