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  "In Two Pews from Crazy, the author takes us on a painful but always hopeful spiritual journey that made me think of Pilgrim's Progress. Each time this lesbian Christian pastor nears the "Celestial City," there's another "Slough of Despond," "Valley of Humiliation" or "River of Death" to cross.

  It's a kind of miracle that Rev. Cyd is still standing after being born a female in a male dominated culture, after accepting her sexual orientation in the homophobic South, after refusing to renounce her call to ministry in a Christian community that forbids women clergy, after adopting a child, losing three different partners and suffering through spiritual and emotional abuse as a pastor. 
  Cyd has a great sense of humor. The chapters are short. Her story is honest, frank, easy to follow and never dull. And though her journey is sometimes painful to read, it is also a celebration of God's presence and power in the life of a lesbian, Christian pastor who never stops believing that God loves her and is with her every step of the way. 
  Reading Cyd's story reminded me that God loves me, too, and is with me on my own sometimes painful journey. If you need to be reminded of the Holy Spirit's presence and power in your life, just sit down next to Rev. Cyd just Two Pews from Crazy and enjoy." 
---Mel White, Author, Stranger at the Gate, to be Gay and Christian in America


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