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   While an old enemy terrorizes the non-human races living in the ancient city of Karlyle, women are being murdered in their beds, and mysterious robed conspirators plot to assassinate the King.  With dwarves suspecting elves and the Xyl plotting a war with the Naar, Karlyle is well on its way to destruction.


   In the midst of this, half-elven Kierstan Galliaire, Madam of Kierstan’s House of Pleasures, is shocked to find one of her courtesans lying in a sea of blood—killed in her own bed. Even though her lover, Kellen. is an officer with the City Watch, they refuse to investigate, saying that a mere whore isn’t worth their time.


  Twenty-five years ago, Kierstan heard much the same when her father’s death was dismissed as a drug deal gone wrong and decides to investigate the murder herself rather than watch the killer to go free.


   Complicating the situation is her first love, Trey, who appears unannounced along with Shayne, the child she gave away 17 years ago. As Shayne discovers the joys of sex with her ladies, Kierstan is torn between two men who both have a strong hold on her heart.


  Assisted by Tony, a street urchin with growing magical powers, a cat who can communicate telepathically, a powerful young mage named Chelsea, and her sister Merrily: Kierstan faces threats, attacks, and even kidnapping and rape in her search for the truth and a measure of justice for her slain employee.


   The Half-Elven Murders is a fast-moving thriller fantasy with the gritty reality of books by the best authors in the business.




  Action abounds in Karlene Price’s debut mystery novel “The Poisoned Pen Murders” as Private Investigator, Kaci Barnett, finds herself embroiled in counterfeit money, blackmail, the local crime mob, poison, jealousy, murder, and theft. Added to this melting pot of worries is Kaci’s growing feeling toward forensic detective, Dutch van Hageman. This is a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering how this thriller will eventually resolve, and if the steamy relationship between Kaci and Dutch will finally bring them true romance.

--Anne Loader McGee


  When Kacanda Barnett is not writing books for middle school children, she's solving crimes as a private investigator. Author Karlene R. Price brings to life an endearing character in her first published novel, "The Poisoned Pen Murders". Readers get an up close and personal look into the life of a writer/PI. Set in the author's home town of Huntsville, Alabama, the setting is guaranteed to be authentic.

  -- Michael Thal

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