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Terry Irving



“Courier is a classic thriller ride! It’s the 70s, DC and Rick Putnam is the Vietnam-vet who is a motorcycle courier for a TV network. The conspiratorial undertones build as the tension is cranked up expertly by Terry Irving. The protagonist, Putnam, is one of the finest anti-heroes to have graced the pages of the thriller genre. Terry Irving captures the post-Watergate era brilliantly . . . loved it!”

J.B. Turner Author of HARD KILL and HARD ROAD


"If the phrase 'a crackling good yarn' evokes an era before Twitter, Facebook, cell phones, videotape, DVDs or cable television, welcome to Terry Irving's fast-paced thriller from a bygone age. The Vietnam War is winding down, a wounded vet takes a job as a motorcycle courier at a network's Washington news bureau, and finds himself caught up in the backwash of a harrowing conspiracy. Terry Irving knows the landscape. I was there. So was he."

---former ABC News Nightline Anchor Ted Koppel 


"The year is 1972, mix the White House, the Watergate burglary, the war in Vietnam and murder in Washington and you've got a terrific story...Kudos to one of television's best producers for writing the thriller of the year!"

--- Former ABC New White House Reporter Sam Donaldson



Available in Kindle eBook, Itunes, Mass Market Paperback, and Trade Paperback. 

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